Celebrating success and staff development within DF Legal

We are exceptionally proud of our Staff. Every success story, from large to small, still is an important milestone in each person’s career. DF Legal aims to support all our staff to achieve any professional goal they may have set and feel that recent successes should not go unrecognised. Casey Benson, based in Tewkesbury branch, successfully completed her IAO Level 3 Diploma in Business Administration with DF Legal. Our Marketing Coordinator, Grant Adlard, sat down with Casey to talk through her experience.

Casey with her Certificate showing the results of her hard work

So Casey – congratulations! Why did you choose to get into an Apprenticeship Scheme?

Thanks! I chose the apprenticeship scheme because it seemed like a good way to ‘learn on the job’. As I had never worked in a Solicitors, or for that fact a office environment before, it was a good way to gain a qualification whilst also learning a new role. When I began working at DF Legal I originally started on the Level 2 qualification but once that was completed the Level 3 Diploma seemed like the next natural step.

What benefits did you find in taking the course?

I found that being on the course helped me get a better understanding of working in an office and all the things that are involved working within an organisation such as DF Legal. The course basically focused in on various aspects of business administration, which were then looked at in more depth through the Level 3 course. I genuinely believe it helped me in both my administration and reception role. I also feel that because of the knowledge I have gained, I now feel more confident with my role and within the organisation.

What surprised you about the course?

I was surprised by how much the course covered. It covered most aspects of general administration and as I progressed through the levels it seemed to dive into surprising depth, meaning I was able to develop my knowledge further.

How did DF Legal support you through the Scheme?

DF Legal have been very supportive throughout the scheme and have allowed me to develop from Level 2 to Level 3. Our Managing Partner Jo May was especially helpful and offered ways in which I could use the information I had learnt on my course to practically assist within the business i.e. producing an Administration Manual as well as various Presentations to help others within the Firm.

How is the training and working combined on your Apprenticeship?

I worked at DF Legal full time whilst taking part in the apprenticeship. There were various workbooks and case studies that needed to be completed for the apprenticeship and I met with our regional trainer every 4-6 weeks to go through these and complete any other work. These meetings were also where any future work was set out or we sometimes had telephone meetings. I found the work to training ratio very easy and feel like I managed to balance the two well.

What would you say to a young person thinking of taking an Apprenticeship?

If someone was considering taking part in an apprenticeship I would definitely recommend it. It is a really good way of learning about your job role as it means you are able to work and gain knowledge at the same time, often learning things that can be very helpful in your job but that you didn’t necessarily consider before.

So can I ask how would you now like to see your career to develop?

Whilst still taking part in the apprenticeship I was able to develop my role within the Firm and I am now also a trainee legal secretary. I am hoping to be able to do some more training courses so that I can further develop my knowledge of the law whilst still assisting in an administration role.

Managing Partner Jo May said on Casey’s recent success “Casey is the perfect advert for encouraging students into the Apprenticeship Scheme, it has helped her truly develop her administration role at DF Legal and with the confidence that the Scheme boasts are now proud to be assisting her with her further career progression to Legal Secretary”

We are equally delighted to announce Hannah Carter has just passed her Level 3 examinations in Family Law with distinction and Level 3 Contract Law, through the Chartered Institute of Legal Executives. Hannah attends Worcester College and will shortly be completing the CILEx Level 3  Diploma in Law and Practice , progressing to CILEx Level 6 Professional Higher Diploma in Law and Practice.

Hannah and Wayne

Hannah says:  “I am enjoying studying through CILEx.   Even though it is a challenge, studying and working on a full time basis,  is the perfect route for me to qualify as a Lawyer.”

Commenting on Hannah’s success Wayne Phillips Partner and Head of Family Law at DF Legal said: “Hannah’s commitment and dedication to hard work has paid off and we are very proud of her achievements”

Many congratulation to both of them, and we look forward to seeing your respective progression in the legal profession!


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