Financial Problems


These days it is very easy and not uncommon to fall into a debt trap. If you do have financial problems our advice is to deal with the matter head on.

The worst thing that anyone can do is to ignore it, and hope that the problem goes away. At DF Legal we see it as our job to ease the pressure and distress that financial problems may cause for you and your family. We not only believe in assisting you legally but also practically, where possible – seeking our expert advice at an early stage means less stress and worry for you.

Ultimately, Financial Problems need not rob you of sleep, create anxiety or seem unmanageable. We want to help and assist you with finding workable solutions and to get you back on the road to successfully managing your finances.Examples of the kind of financial problems which our Solicitors and Legal Professionals are equipped to help you with include:

  • How to avoid and deal with County Court Judgements (commonly referred to as CCJs)
  • Mortgage arrears
  • Debt management
  • Individual Voluntary Arrangement (commonly referred to as IVAs)
  • Bankruptcy

If you would like to find out more please contact us today and speak to a member of litigation team.

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