Success in the Helping Hands initiative supporting Women’s Aid

Our colleague Catherine Booton, who through her Helping Handbags initiative, which we mentioned about earlier this month, has made a huge impact for local women in need. We are thrilled to announce that she has put together an amazing 215 bags filled with sanitary products and other essentials for women made homeless through violence and other reasons. These will be donated to local Women’s Aid charities.

“Thrilled it all came together” – DF Legal Solicitor Catherine Booton and a few of the donations received.


On top of the bags being donated to Women’s Aid,  some 12 bags full of additional donated items were delivered to DF Legal’s Charity of the Year – St Michael’s Hospice for their charity shop in Hereford, and around 8 bags of sanitary products are to be donated to the Hereford Homeless refuge for both men and women.

Managing Partner Jo May said “ We are all very proud of Catherine’s efforts in this initiative. DF Legal are always trying to give back to the local community in whatever way we can, and so to see such success and support for Women’s Aid, St Michael’s Hospice and the SHYPP Homeless shelter is a real testament to the hard work Catherine has put into this!”

Catherine summed it up simply this way “Thank you so much to all those who got involved and for all your support! The scale of the donations has been completely overwhelming, and I’m so pleased that we could make a difference”

Look out for more ways that DF Legal will in particular be supporting St Michael’s Hospice in the months to come!

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